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Not going to be much light to ride in the afternoon next week! I'd rather take shorter rides than ride in the dark.
The road bike is helping a lot with the 310 miles this month! I'm 257 miles into it and the last 53 don't seem so bad now!
Rode 28.4 miles today, really didn't feel like I could ride anymore. Probably take a break tomorrow.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate is the key and take in plenty of electrolytes also. Hard tires seem fast at first but softer or less pressure is more comfortable and the speed didn't change if any at all.
Made it, undercarriage was a little beaten up but in all was happy with the riding, speed and times stayed consistent all 4 days, and never felt like I was just exhausted. Actually never even had to take any ibuprofen for pain or soreness.

5 days 210 miles tunnel hill trail (Karnak to the tunnel). Now for a little r & r.
Having signed up for the ride across the Katy trail this fall I figured I should do a self assessment to see if I could do it and how my body would feel during and after. It is a 5 day ride spanning about 208 miles.
I started with a 50 mile ride and then did 4 forty mile rides.
I got signed up for the 5 day ride across MO on the Katy trail. It is October 10th - 15th. It is supported by Big Bam, and PorkBelly ventures, over 200 miles of riding and camping, that will be fun they said. I guess I will find out this fall, now to stay healthy and no injuries between now and then.
Had the chance to get out on the bike today. Rolled a smooth 90 miles today. Turns out I don’t really think biking is 10x easier than kayaking after all. But maybe 6x though. I was using my wahoo speed sensor with gps on also. It shows almost 7k in elevation but I didn’t think it was that much but may feel different about it tomorrow haha.